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Inspirational Women of Lambeth Book and Guided Walks

Cover illustrations (clockwise from top left): Rachel Lack, Olive Morris, Alma Taylor, Mary Seacole, Gertrude Whatmore, Candice Carty-Williams, Adele, Seal of Baldwin de Redvers, Earl of Devon

The women of Lambeth have been trailblazers and pioneers and occasionally notorious.  From the medieval period to the twenty-first century, Lambeth women have excelled in many spheres, from the medieval wife, Margaret FitzGerold, who challenged the king’s right to determine life to Adel, world famous queen of pop music.


There were, and are, women writers, women in science and medicine, women in entertainment whether on stage, on screen or behind the scenes - plus those who have fallen foul of the law.  The women who work as community activists and spearhead social reform are also celebrated as are those in politics and public service.


Here you will find female mountaineers, artists, architects, actors, politicians, doctors, nurses, novelists, theatre directors, businesswomen and campaigners across the centuries.  Glass ceilings have been shattered by many of these women.

This book celebrates the achievements of women who lived, studied, worked or were buried in Lambeth.

This book has been researched and written by four Lambeth tour guides, with a plethora of local knowledge, who discovered there was a dearth of information on the history of women in Lambeth and decided to do something about filling that gap.

Inspirational Women of Lambeth Guided Walks

Join us on our series of guided walks celebrating the lives of Inspirational Women of Lambeth.


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