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STRUGGLES WITH THE STRONG BROWN GOD – A walk along the Sacred River Thames

The Thames has been called the heart, soul and lifeblood of London. On this unusual walk Geoff will explain how The Thames was worshipped as a god by Lambeth’s earliest inhabitants and how the idea of the River as a sacred place has persisted throughout history to the present day. We will also discover numerous ways that people have attempted to cross, travel along and tame the river with very mixed success. We will learn how the Thames can be a killer or a saviour, and also a great source of inspiration to artists and poets.

Starting outside Pret A Manger by the St George’s Wharf exit of Vauxhall Station at 13:00 on Tuesday 25th April

Finishing near Waterloo Bridge at 15:45

There is no charge for this walk. If you wish to join please e-mail and I will let you know if there are places still available. In lieu of payment you might consider making a suitable donation to Robes, a local charity dealing with homelessness. You can donate directly via this link

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